Coming Soon - The Pocket PC

This website will launch soon. The Pocket PC is an easy to use secure computer operating system on an optimized high speed usb stick. Simply plug the usb into any laptop, desktop, surface pro or macbook and boot from the usb port to enter the operating system. The Pocket PC is ideal for students, academics, professionals and business users. The Pocket PC Operating System can be installed from the USB stick to your laptop, desktop, or tablet. The Pocket PC operating system has a comprehensive selection of software pre-installed to accomplish almost any task. Over 30,000 open source applications can be installed from the built in software manager for free. Operating system updates are free and will be supported until 2019 when we plan to release another version. In addition to our Pocket PC USB Stick, we intend to sell The Pocket PC operating system as a downloadable ISO file for both 64bit and 32bit laptops, desktops and tablets. Please enter your email address below if you would like to be notified when our website is launched.